MSP Onions: Invest in quality

A grower who knows what the market wants

MSP Onions started packing onions from growers in the surrounding areas in 1983. As a packer, MSP Onions has invested in its own fields. Today, MSP Onions has grown into a full-fledged agricultural business with many fields surrounding the factory. The own cultivation and storage provide a reliable basis for quality onions.

The knowledge and experience are shared as much as possible with the grower supplying MSP Onions, improving the quality of the final product year after year!

Anticipate cultivation conditions

Every season, we deliver quality

The cultivation conditions differ every season. The storage and packaging branch have to invest in these altering conditions and anticipate annually.
MSP Onions has made this its profession and is able to guarantee quality every season again!

The own cultivation and storage are the key to success in the background!

Efficient sorting and packaging of onions

Tailored to our client

Sorting and packing make MSP Onions a very powerful exporter of onions. MSP Onions prepares a profile of the quality for each client which is then maintained throughout the season.

Every client is unique and has its own wishes. It is extremely important to deliver exactly what the client is looking for. Relative price-quality ratios are leading factors for the profile of the client.

In January 2018, MSP Onions embarked on a construction and development trajectory to create the factory of the future. This project has now been completed, and MSP Onions sets itself apart with this state-of-the-art onion factory, based on Industry 4.0 principles.

Sustainability, efficiency, and intelligence are the pillars of this remarkable world-class project! This challenging endeavor enhances quality and and minimise the world.

From cultivation to destination with absolute precision!

If onions alone are not enough ....

It may be clear that MSP Onions is a true onion specialist. However, the product assortment has been extended upon demand of clients and has developed over the course of the years into a varied range.

The experience gained with the global export of onions, also opens other doors. The combination of logistic knowledge and a professional documentation department, makes MSP Onions a very strong exporter. Yet, the onions remain to be the genuine core business the company mainly revolves around.

Discover the possibilities and ask for non-binding advice!

Own transport fleet of MSP Onions

Monitors the incoming and outgoing loads!

The drivers perform the first quality inspection during loading and enquire about the quality of each load.
Since the quality of the onions from storage may sometimes differ for each load, MSP Onions has opted for transport in own management.

Every driver has access to an application in which he indicates the level of quality and his estimated time of arrival. Pictures are added for each load in order to avoid discussions.