What MSP Onions stands for

Invest in quality

The new factory is a prime example. The Factory of the Future lives up to its name. This factory is building a major advantage over our competitors in the Netherlands and far beyond. The full automation of the internal logistics saves up to 60% on the transport movements and the entire process can be traced in real-time. In addition, MSP Onions utilises artificial intelligence to realise the very highest level in the world for both internal and external quality. This enables MSP Onions to guarantee its quality and to make the difference for its customers. Guarantee of quality ensures unprecedented packaging speeds. At top speed, it is possible to pack no less than 120 tonnes per hour.

MSP Onions believes in economically responsible sustainable developments. In the long term, this is better for society and for the company! The 3 characteristics constitute the ideal formula for the Moerdijk-family to make the difference in the onion industry!


Daring to think and to act outside the existing frameworks is what makes MSP Onions innovative. A pragmatic approach to new developments and techniques has been raised to an art form. Two examples: sorting by means of a neutral network with an accuracy of nearly 100% per quality feature and controlling the warehouse using WiFi and Bluetooth.


Working with Eqontrol allows us to control the entire factory from one single system. A user-friendly web-based application with access to all machines, routes, settings, stocks and malfunctions is unique and future-proof. Eqontrol will become the best operator in the world and is able to anticipate all situations possible in order to obtain the best result.


Sustainability has high priority within MSP Onions. Solar energy, residual heat trajectories, circular processes and energy savings are commonplace. Agriculture is able to become more sustainable with the new sorting technique. In addition, MSP Onions is a key player as exporter in the port of Vlissingen, saving tonnes of CO2 on an annual basis.

Who is behind MSP Onions

A real Zeeuws family business

Lijn sr., together with 4 brothers, started a contracting business for farmers in the region in 1951. Lijn sr. and Marinus decide to proceed in 1955 under the name Gebroeders G. en M. Moerdijk & Zn. G. Moerdijk moved on independently in 1983 with the company MSP Uienhandel. Today, the management of MSP Onions consists of 2 generations Moerdijk: 3 brothers and their sons.

The rise of a new generation also comes with the development of new ideas and the vision of the company was adjusted to the future. An ambitious plan, a true depth investment, was put into practical terms in September 2015. The first pile for the Factory of the Future was driven on Friday, the 2nd of March 2018. The working method of the onion industry is labour-intensive and prone to errors in traceability. In addition, no one is able to guarantee quality while the climate is testing the quality more and more often. This was a trigger for the Moerdijk-family to make a major difference and for them to be able to promise clients that every onion is assessed on both internal and external quality!

The future of MSP Onions

The Factory of the Future. This new factory is as sustainable and efficient as possible with the current technical state of the art. The factory runs fully electrically and does not use fossil fuels. The residual heat of the compressors is reused to heat up the office, warehouse and floor of the loading dock.

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