Worldwide export of the highest quality onions

Programmed quality knows no bounds

MSP Onions is an onion specialist with its factory neighbouring the port of Vlissingen. The port provides MSP Onions with global access and an enormous level of flexibility. Using Artificial Intelligence, MSP Onions can guarantee its quality, regardless of how long the product is in transit.

MSP's processing line is unique in the world and has unprecedented capacity due to its high degree of automation. Due to the short lines to the port, MSP Onions has the capacity to export huge volumes. Feel free to enquire about the possibilities, without obligations.

A global network offers major advantages

Distance is relative

By being globally active, MSP Onions is able to offer major advantages to its clients. The broad geographic distribution ensures all-year-round sales and, as a result, high volumes. This is important to obtain good service and rates from the shipping companies.

It also allows for the sale of all sizes and qualities of the onions. The clients therefore consider MSP Onions to be a transparent supplier who is happy to show the product to be delivered upfront.

The interactive map below shows the areas MSP Onions is active in.

Our strength: anticipate the market

Get in touch, keep in touch!

The global environment of the onion market can change very rapidly. Some countries consume enormous quantities of onions. MSP Onions has the strength to anticipate the swift changes in the market.

Clients are looking for fast deliveries at the right times. The steady availability of MSP Onions offers clients the possibility to gain immediate access to the product. As a grower, packer, transporter and exporter, MSP Onions always has the capability to deliver.

Always Available

MSP Onions always maintains on-site stock and rolling stock amongst its suppliers. This ensures the availability of sufficient quality product, 52 weeks per year.

This accessibility provides assurance to clients that quality is available!

Instant market information

Well-established contacts with customers and growers gives MSP Onions a clear picture of the market. This information is important to make the right decisions together with customers.

There is also a lot of contact with transporters and shipping companies to tailor the forecast to the logistics options.

Worldwide delivery

The goal of MSP Onions is to continue the search for new sales areas and to supply these. Especially this global network is what gives MSP Onions the amazing international character it continues to build on every year.

Making deliveries to locations that are falling short of stock and offer the produce to locations that provide opportunities; there isn’t a greater industry than this one!

Steady export volume all over the world

MSP Onions stands for stability and reliability and therefore considers the relationship with the logistic partners of the utmost importance. The logistic partners are part of the integration within MSP Onions.

Integrated supply chain management

All chains under one roof

Merging the chain provides MSP Onions with many advantages that are visible in the final product. This policy ensures a high level of stability, quality and availability. A unique whole from cultivation to export, allowing for an annual growth in sales! By advising both growers and clients to the maximum extent, the quality is lifted to a higher level!

1 The onion grower

Own cultivation provides a steady base of reliable quality onions. Being an exporter, the grower MSP Onions knows exactly what the needs in the market are and adjusts its cultivation plan accordingly.

The product knowledge and cultivation experience ensure absolute added value for MSP Onions in its export activities.

2 The packer

The packer MSP Onions is known for its efficient and sustainable processing process. Making the world smaller by increasing quality, that is what export specialist MSP Onions is aiming for!

Due to the quality and capacity of the Factory of the Future, MSP makes the difference in the onion market!

3 The transporter

We have our own trucks and our own drivers which ensures a bit of extra service to your load. Proper loading, error-free documentation and timely delivery are recognised standards at our transport department.

4 The exporter

Adjusting the product and the packaging to the client and the final destination; a continuing process MSP Onions has mastered. The global export experience is visible in the quick response, well-organised documentation and proper quality for every destination.