MSP ONIONS - Invest in quality

Factory of the Future showing up

MSP Onions constantly invests in improving its quality and sustainability. A natural product is different every year and requires flexibility and craftsmanship. Innovation and sustainability are the undisputed favourites for success.

That’s the reason why MSP Onions had the Factory of the Future built. A smart factory in which machines, software and intelligent networks take over the labour-intensive activities. The factory’s full automation ensures a significant higher level of quality compared to the rest of the onion market. Delivering the price-quality ratio that satisfies the client; that has been the aim for many years now within the company. "Invest in quality" is the new slogan and it is of paramount importance!

Container depots at a distance of only 2 kilometres!

Every exporter’s wish has been fulfilled for MSP Onions. The world within reach from the backyard. The unique location in the port of Vlissingen makes the inland transport very efficient and inexpensive. It also provides direct access to the motorways, meaning no time is waisted.

Globally active and situated at a unique location

Product knowledge, worldwide export experience and the best location make MSP Onions the export specialist!

The total turnover of MSP Onions is based on export. The national distribution is virtually nil. This allows for the best quality to be available for distribution overseas. Steady export volumes all over the world make MSP Onions the ideal logistic partner. The onions find their way throughout the year to many final destinations.


Export to 65 different countries, especially the continents Africa, Asia, Europe, Central and South America

Unique location

Our onion factory is situated right in the centre of a cultivation area, at a distance of only 5 minutes from the port and with direct access to the motorways.

Own production

The global network and the volumes ensure efficiency in transport and reliable relationships with the shipping companies for the best logistic solutions.

100,000,000 kg

Proof that the clients are happy with the working methods of MSP. As we think along with our clients, the sales are increasing every year.

The products of MSP Onions

Export packaging in several weights, brands and quality levels are available all-year-round. The most popular brand of MSP Onions still is FAVORIT! In addition to onions, MSP Onions is able to deliver several other products. Our clients appreciate this additional service and it provides surplus value.

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