Onions, potatoes and much more

The export of onions and potatoes is MSP Onions’ speciality; the other products are added to provide service to the clients. Loyalty, reliability and a solution-oriented approach are reasons for the customers of MSP Onions to ask for several other products. The logistic advantages and the good collaboration are also very beneficial for these products.

Yellow onion

The type of onion most sold by MSP Onions. Popular because of the high level of quality and export worthiness. The possibilities for sorting and packaging are almost unlimited.

Red onion

The red onion is a more sensitive product compared to its yellow brother. In order to guarantee the best quality, MSP Onions has dedicated an entire storage warehouse to red onions. This enables us to continuously check and guarantee the quality. A beautiful product that has to be packed carefully.


The large customer base of MSP Onions includes many clients who also import potatoes. A great regional product requiring knowledge and experience. The partners of MSP Onions know which quality is needed for every client! The experience with export, documentation and logistics also make MSP Onions a strong player when it comes to potatoes.