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Hertenweg 38
4455 TL Nieuwdorp, Netherlands

The people of MSP Onions

A driven team with a passion for the onion
Lijn Moerdijk
General matters +31 (0)6-55111404 Speaks: NL / EN / DE
Lindert Moerdijk
Sales +31 (0)6-23502608 Speaks: NL / EN / FR / DE
Jaco Weststrate
Sales +31(0)615154252 Speaks: NL / EN / ES
Albert Vonk
Sales +31(0)6-28123805 Speaks: NL / EN
Rinus Moerdijk
Purchase +31 (0)6-51387520 Speaks: NL
Lennart Moerdijk
Purchase +31 (0)6-51439091 Speaks: NL
Hans Minderhoud
Purchase +31(0)6-11474699 Speaks: NL / EN / FR / DE